Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are starting this blog for the purpose of documenting our move to La Digue, Haiti. 

We've never written in journals or done a very good job of keeping a history.  We hope this becomes a place where we can honestly share our fears, struggles, and triumphs as we attempt to grow and learn and walk where we think He is asking us to walk for the next year or so.

Please join us for the wild ride ahead.  Here we go! 

We love Thanksgiving. It has always been my (Tara) very favorite holiday. I love that it isn't about gifts and high pressure expectations.  Gratitude feels good, I always wish it would become more of who I am year-round.

Troy is busy getting ready to go to Haiti next week. It will be a great opportunity for him to learn more about our job duties and get to know the people we'll be working with better. Britt is wanting to go with him, we just couldn't swing the extra ticket. Isaac keeps walking up to us with random items (such as a piece of Halloween candy) and asking "Can I take this to Haiti?" If he gets his way we will be bringing a whole bunch of old candy.

Prayer Requests- We are looking for a renter for our Zimmerman home and our Suburban is for sale.

We are immeasurably blessed and grateful.