Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Troy's first report

Troy was going to report ---- but then by the time we finished talking he was ready for bed so I will quickly fill you in. He said other than almost missing the flight out of Minneapolis, the travel was very smooth.
He ran into a friend at the grocery store, a person that we have cooresponded with via email but never met so he walked up to her and introduced himself. He thought that was pretty cool ... small world, small country. She lives four hours from Port au Prince so it was neat that she was in doing shopping during the same 20 minutes that he was grabbing food before heading to La Digue.
He said that his creole is not what he had hoped ... he has been working on it. He was able to have dinner with a few of the staff and said it was a really nice time.
Today they were going back into Port au Prince to run many errands. Running errands in Port au Prince would be like trying to run errands all along interstate 94 during Friday afternoon traffic headed north ... you really don't so much "run" errands ---- it is more of a hurry up and wait sort of thing. I'll ask him to post tonight if he can. ~Tara