Friday, December 30, 2005

On Doubting

I found this interesting information in our devotion Bible on the way to Texas.

Doubters in the Bible:
  1. Abraham-when told he would be a father in old age. (Gen 17:17)
  2. Sarah-when learning she would be a mother in old age. (Gen 18)
  3. Moses-when told to return to Egypt to lead the people. (Ex.3:10-15)
  4. Gideon-when told he would be a judge & leader. (Judges 6:14-23)
  5. Thomas-when told Jesus had risen from the dead. (John 20:24-25)
  6. Israelites-whenever they faced difficulties in the wilderness.(Ex.16)

Many of the people God used to accomplish His work started out as real doubters. With all of them God showed great patience.

At the end of the lesson it said "How great a part does doubt have in your willingness to trust God?"

That left me thinking.

Much of this journey to Haiti has been small steps. Just trusting God in each small step. All of these small steps have added up to a big picture. The big picture developed over six short months that sped by.

Sometimes I still find myself thinking "this might not be what God wants for us, it might not happen."

For me, doubt is a way to cope with fear ... if I say "well, it could still fall through" it is a good way for me to keep my fears at bay. But, I think this form of doubt and this form of coping with my fear does mess with me and it messes with my ability to trust God.

I think God allows for honest doubt ... and I know He shows "great patience". He probably just likes to see us move beyond it. That is my plan. I am moving beyond it. ~Tara