Saturday, January 21, 2006

Weekend Update

Saturdays have an entirely different feel to them here at the Mission. Our list of things to accomplish was as long as ever, but it's much quieter and there are only a few employees around. It's certainly not the same as hearing the teachers calling out instructions, the children reciting grammar and bible lessons, and especially the children's laughing and playing. I missed that today. I guess I'm used to the sounds of children around for some reason. :)

I love it here. I've been meaning to say that, but I haven't been able to describe exactly why. Tonight I think I realized how to sum it up best:
I have never experienced anything as fulfilling and rewarding as being squarely in the middle of God's will for my life. The joy it brings is beyond my ability to describe.

Tomorrow we will attend church here at the mission, and enjoy the singing and praising of our new neighbors. It is a great experience, even though at this point I hardly understand a word they're saying. I did venture out into the village without an interpreter today, and I'm starting to be able to communicate a few things. I'm fine right up until someone starts replying to me, then I'm lost. The locals get a great kick out of my struggling, however.

Please pray for safe travel to the city and airport on Monday to pick up next week's mission team. And that Jason and I don't starve while cooking for ourselves.