Monday, July 24, 2006

Party Time

Imagine if you will, a party.

What do you envision as you think of this party?

Seriously, stop for a moment and think of a party, any party.

For me, it conjures up images of good food and good friends. And because I am thinking specifically of Erik and Nik's annual Christmas party, it also makes me think of snow and a glass of wine and candles and a bunch of chatter.

Okay. So, you thought of a party, right?

Question: Did your party imagery include rice?

The billboard above says: "With Tchako (a brand of rice) It's always a party."

AND, apparently it's a red, white and blue party. It makes me want to party it up, I'll tell you that much.

Tchako is made in the USA.

Their marketing must be done here.