Monday, December 04, 2006

If random is a feeling ... I am feeling It

Here is a photo of Noah doing his new thing. He was told moments before this photo was taken, not to take his cup outside. This pained him very much. If he must act two and a half, at least his tantrums are of the quiet, sulking variety.

Here is a fun picture of Britt from her Mexico trip.

You may recall various complaints about the lack of a decent piece of meat in this land. Today, like manna from Heaven, a fellow missionary located this package of BONELESS SKINLESS Chicken BREASTS. How crazy is that? No need to ask what's for dinner tonight. It is some sort of Christmas miracle.

Have you noticed how many times the weather buttons have been re-loaded and fiddled with? Has it really changed your life? The time spent finding the perfect weather buttons might better have been spent at the prayer rock. (HA, I sound like my mother.) Seriously though, are you happy with the final decision Troy made of "accuweather?" Do you feel fully informed on all things weather related?

Here is a post I enjoyed, check it out. Yet another reason to be thankful for the convenience and comfort of life in the developed world.

Yesterday was a day for receiving fun email. We got photos from family and friends. Here are two of five photos we were emailed yesterday. Thank you Tina, Erik, and Jennifer!

(Above - my sister with her adorable family)
(Below - The two little cherubs belonging to some of our best friends)

One of my favorite things about December has always been all of the NON-bill mail we get. We love getting all of your updates and family photos. If you used to send us a Christmas update, please don't skip us this year. Instead, send it to: Troy Livesay PAP 17871 7990 15th Street East Sarasota, FL 34243

There is a serious lull in interesting information or deep thoughts to share with you. We had a regular workday without much drama, did schoolwork and enjoyed the breezy, sunny, low-humidity day. I spoke two full Creole sentences to Lumen, I thought she was going to fall over from the shock of it all.

Enjoy your evening. We'll be eating chicken in massive quantities.