Friday, December 01, 2006

Leave It To My Mother

Yeah, I admit it, I did not read the blog my mom wrote very carefully before I posted it for her. So, now that I am back from dropping the NON SECRET KEEPER at the airport I can bad-mouth her for telling the world the name. She won't see that I have bad-mouthed her for another 10 hours.

MAN! That just stinks mom.

I read through it last night and that was not in there, you changed it this morning????? I guess I fell down on the editing job.

(Insert Napoleon voice) "GOL!"

I thought about taking it off, but 200 people already had the information. "GOL!" again.

Here's the deal; since you all now know that we are waiting on PHOEBE JOY we will just go ahead and turn up the requests and heat in the prayer department. We are trying SO hard to wait patiently. But it is not very easy. I think of her multiple times a day and just wonder if she is okay. I asked Troy how often he thinks of her, his reply: "About eight times every day."

We have a new theory about the reason for the wait, but its only a theory. We think maybe birth-mom is waiting for birth-dad to show up and make sure he is truly rejecting her and fatherhood (like he did with Hope) before she officially gives up on him and turns her over. She had once mentioned that she thought the dad was going to be back in Port au Prince in early December. Troy thinks Phoebe will still become our daughter, but he says he has a feeling it may be a few more weeks. Ugh to that feeling. I have a billion tiny diapers she needs to get busy soiling.

If she ever becomes ours, Phoebe Joy Livesay is her name. It means: shining or sparkling pure joy. Phoebe is a Bible name found in Romans. The four voting members on the naming committee all love it and agreed upon it easily.

Phoebe won out over the close second, "Cece" (Cecelia) --- mainly because Simon and Garfunkel sang a song that kind of stained the name CeCe for us ... love the song, love S & G, don't want a kid named after a loose woman. You follow?

I am willing to accept the Lord's answer on this whole thing ... I just hope He gives it to us soon. And Kristen, thanks for the laugh, you are free to do as you please in the kicking department. ;-)

Well, it is back to paying for stuff ourselves. Mom and Dad are gone. No more free meals, beach trips, or obnoxious gifts. The boys are still wearing their Superman costumes, Noah even slept in it one night ... at some point we will bribe him into removing it to wash out the sweat.

Thank you mom and dad for my new glasses, (I love seeing) all the treats, the clothes for Phoebe, the costumes and toys, the DVD's, the eating out, the beach, the golfing, the ice-cream maker ... we felt spoiled, we are spoiled.

Come back soon.