Monday, December 11, 2006

What? Christmas Shopping Craziness

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Since we left the United States, has there been a huge foam shortage? When did foam become a rare commodity to be sought after and highly valued?

Maybe we're getting too narrow-minded and opinionated.

No. We're not. This is nuts.

What in the world???

One Foam Ball

Six Foam Balls

That is just craziness. No matter how super-textured they are.

If there is a market for this, and there must be, then we do not accept that we are doing enough to help people less fortunate than us.

None of us live in a world where we can easily accept that anyone would buy a $54 foam ball.

An amount very close to that would feed a kid here, or anywhere in the developing world, for almost three months.

Buy the insanely expensive super-textured foam balls if you must, but also, let us all consider what we could do to help someone less fortunate then us this Christmas season.