Monday, February 12, 2007

A night out

Sun setting behind Ile de La Gonave

Below are a few photos from the big night out. It was beyond odd driving out of here without the little people. It was also beyond fun. Thanks to the Michigan team for holding down the fort and taking care of the littlest Livesay's.
Briefly a afternoon/evening recap:
  • Isaac walked into my room while I got ready, I said "Hi Buster Brown!" He replied, "Hi Buster White!"
  • We watched the sunset at the beach (see photo)
  • We had a great dinner, except for the Wonder Bread (see photo)
  • We heard the French rendition of Sinatra's "My Way"
  • We watched some sort of samurai show on the TV while we listened to French 'My Way'
  • We had the place to ourselves
  • Oh, no we did not have the entire restaurant to ourselves
  • There was a rat running along the beam above us - This caused quite a stir and a lot of jumping around (see photo) It's great when a dining experience can include large rodents
  • We came home after a few hours and none of the kids even cared
  • Isaac asked them if they would stay and baby-sit him for eight days
  • Noah did not divert his eyes from Scooby Doo to greet us
  • Hope and Shelly really like hanging out together (see photo)