Saturday, February 24, 2007

Work Day Complete

The table kicks-butt ... I will not photograph it until it is totally finished, it has paint and varnish now but needs the legs to be added on. I am pumped. It will seat 14. We have a very exicted guy on our road who took the order for 14 chairs. Because it is very rustic looking and not at all traditional - all the employees around here think we're weird. They don't understand why I want a table that large or why it looks like some old weathered thing. Apparently they're not familiar with shabby-chic or the idea of rustic looking tables.

Isaac got in on the work and shoveled out the rain drain for his daddy. He was happy about it too! All of my kids are so fun and unique, but something about an Isaac grin just warms this moms heart.
The food order came. Britt saw a few patients, Paige floated around chatting with everyone, Noah and Hope played outside a lot. Phoebe took a great nap but woke up grouchy. Eleven beds are made and ready, and the second house is clean.
I overestimated what I could accomplish in one day, none of the cooking happened today. It's almost like I have a bunch of kids distracting me from getting anything done.