Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mr. Mom's Kitchen

I'm not Swedish, but I attempted the chef thing again today all the same. In between the laundry loads and folding and taking delivery of the monthly food order and loading it in the warehouse and managing the children - I knew better than to try and accomplish anything else. I have a list of "to do" items a page long that I thought I could get done while Tara was gone. Hopefully I won't need any sleep during the next 48 hours, and then I will meet that goal.

Since the kids pretty much just eat all day long, I decided to stay in the kitchen and keep them happy and do some experimenting. For breakfast we had a potato, sausage, and Spam skillet with green peppers and hollandaise sauce. I loved it, the kids did not. I basically threw anything I could find in a pan to fry as an excuse to eat the sauce I have been craving. Maybe I'm pregnant, too. I found a recipe to make the sauce, and it was close enough for me, but not necessarily all that good. I still liked it, the kids... well ... let's just say it's a good thing we had cereal around. While waiting for the mid-morning snack requests to come in, I made some salsa. Now that did turn out good. It's a good thing Tara is coming home soon, because this domestication thing is starting to feel weird. We made pizzas for lunch (with store bought crusts...we'll have to try making them next time), and grilled some Teriaki Beef Tips for dinner. Yeah... that wasn't such a hit with the kids either, so we supplemented with hot dogs.

I have one last experiment to try to get ready before the girls return...hopefully I have time to get it figured out. After my fried rice disaster from earlier in the week, I'm a little gun-shy and want to test my skills beforehand. Some people asked for recipes a while back - that is really asking a lot. I just started cooking and feel a little weird enjoying it - until I start wearing a skirt I don't think I'll be getting into recipe swapping with you ladies out there. All I've been doing is thinking of what I love to eat and looking up recipes on the internet, and then searching for the easiest one that I can find the ingredients for.

That's enough of that. There were also camera questions posed earlier that I will get to on a later date...I'm not sure how this blog comment/question thing I'll just answer in a post later on.

I'll be working on my to-do list tomorrow, or at least wishing I I don't plan on blogging. Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday. I wish I was going to New Joy church in Minnesota tomorrow with my girls.


PS- That is my face behind the mustache and nose and case you were wondering. I didn't want all that hard work to go unnoticed.