Thursday, April 26, 2007

Super Dad

I have not had internet access too much over the last five days. When I did it was for four minutes at 11pm at night, I lack motivation to blog at that time of day. I am now all caught up on Troy's blogging and activities. Apparently he does not really need a wife, he can do EVERYTHING all by himself. I keep waiting for him to melt-down and complain but I get the same upbeat emails and phone calls as what you are reading on the blog. He is the total package. I'm amazed at how well he is doing. For the record, I will NEVER EVER EVER stay in Haiti without him for two weeks. Never. Not with six kids, not with four, not with two. No way Jose.

Once, I was there without him for one week. I hated it. I whined and complained. Let's just say Troy is a much better person than I am --- and leave it at that. I am a big baby.

We slept in four states in four nights and drove over 2,000 miles so we feel we've accomplished something. We're just not sure what. :) We had a nice time with everyone we stayed with and had a few hours over dinner to catch up before running off to the next location. THANK YOU to all of our wonderful hosts for the meals and nice beds and running water. All accomodations were superior and our comment cards have been filled out with only rave reviews.

We really liked Taylor University, so it is also added to the list of possibilities for Britt for January. I think it will be a hard decision for her to make. I have kept my open public weeping to a minimum -- it has not been easy but I found a few techniques that helped me hold it together when in large groups of touring parents and kids. Weeping in the car has been free game - for all of us.

On other fronts, things are being accomplished. I finally got Hennepin County to clear a ticket that did not belong to me. It was like being back in Haiti as we were directed from one counter to the next and all around for two hours before someone finally made it go away -- but, you know, it's the government so you certainly cannot expect them to be efficient or quick. Heavens no.

I visited with the Dr. who delivered Noah. He won't let me deliver seven the old fashioned way. I threw a small fit and attempted to argue with him but it fell on deaf ears. A C-section has been scheduled in October ... how anti-climatic is that? I actually told him "I am going to cry now." But he did not care -- apparently that trick has been tried on him before. The only other thing of note, he is impressed with my rotund gut ... even went as far as to say "you sure pop out early." This, coming from a man who sees hundreds of pregnant ladies a week -- since all things are a competition I am hoping to receive my award for being too round the fastest, in the mail soon. It feels good to win.

I am finding the kids the stuff they need. Isaac's feet grow two sizes a day so we just bought him every size from 2 on up to men's size 13 to cover our bases. Hope needed a couple of small things, and Noah wanted another pair of jeans ... as it is now he has two pairs that we wash daily to keep him happy. He has something against shorts. The whole thing is weird because when we moved to Haiti he would not even wear clothes, now he wants to wear jeans only. Phoebe really only needs diapers, we'll see what kind of space we have once we pack up what we have. Troy had limited requests, I feel like I need to find him something wonderful, but I have not figured out what that would be. He does have some deoderant and razors coming his way ... how is that for excitement? Oh -- and steak. I am going to attempt to bring back loads of USA red meat. If our flights get cancelled I need to know who wants beef in Miami, I'll head over and we can grill it up so we don't have to toss it.

We've got a few more appointments to cover, more adoption paperwork to chase down and a few remaining items to purchase. We're also helping Matt and Dad move some stuff to their new house this weekend. Britt had high hopes of a round of golf with Grandpa, but that seems like it may be out of the question with all there is to do. We have a bunch of stuff stored here that we need to get organized and find a new home for it.

I'm ready to head back to Haiti where you don't have to make so many decisions and choices everday. I have to believe that for someone who comes to America for the first time it would just be exhausting to decide so many things. When you are used to one road you can travel on from point A to B and one place to get your food and one way to do almost everything, it is mind-boggling to come here and have SO MANY choices ALL THE TIME. Decision making is tiring work.


PS- I loved reading all the encouragement and props Troy is/was getting for his superior work of mananging the mission, the children, the blog and the dog ----- but let it be said here and now ...

HE IS MINE. Eat your heart out ladies. ;-)