Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Two Tickets to the Gun Show

That was my favorite blog post of all time. Probably due to the amount of work involved and how fantastic my pipes looked.

I have perfected the art of running around like mad and accomplishing as much as possible in the ten minute breaks where no one is crying, fighting, needing food, pooping, or needing to be wiped after the aforementioned pooping. I actually started crossing things off my list in the last two days.

I would have preferred to keep the girls with me here, if it weren't for the full day I have planned tomorrow in Port-au-Prince. Hope and Phoebe actually don't add any work to the equation. The extra care for the baby is cancelled out by how well Hope looks after her insane brothers. She is like the voice of reason. I don't let the boys go outside to play alone - unless Hope is with them to stand defiantly with her hands-on-hips and say things like: "Are you supposed to be putting that in your mouth???" and "You know Dad said not to go down there. Do you want me to tell him what you're doing??" She's the best. Hope was very excited though for the chance to stay with Chris and Leslie some more - probably so she doesn't have to babysit the boys - so they're back on the beach again for the rest of the week.

Just me and the boys. Heading for Port tomorrow. Praying for help from above. The problem is I have at least two appointments in offices that are full of people who won't be toting children or wearing shorts, or any number of other things that will make us stand out. The last time I went to one of these offices, I sat in the waiting room for three hours. Yeah, Noah will LOVE that.

The Stateside Ladies are doing well, albeit a little road weary - from the sound of things. I miss them tons and can't wait to see them again in one short week. The way things have been going here - that time will fly by for me. I hope the same is true for them.

I'll try to post something serious tomorrow and not more pictures of my physique.