Saturday, May 12, 2007

5:00 PM Prayer Request (Central Time)

The blog traffic is quieter on Saturday's - but for those of you that see this --- please pray. A little girl "Love" was hit by a truck in LaDigue around 3:15pm. Her skull is exposed - two large cuts. Britt sent Lori photos and Lori has agreed to take her. Troy and Britt just left to bring her to Cazale. The drive is not easy for a child in that condition. Please pray for Love, Lori and Britt, who will hopefully be able to offer Lori some prayer and moral support tonight. It might be a long night for them all.

Love was semi-responsive, and even fought for a few minutes before falling asleep. Pray that Love will be okay and that there is no brain trauma. We have never seen anything quite this terrible, it is a serious situation. (Love is a nickname for a longer name beginning with Love but I won't get it right so I am not trying. She is four and a half years old.)

The frustration over the lack of options is maddening. Pastor Rony had not found a place for the boy with the infected leg last we spoke to him at 3pm.

Late Edit- 9:20pm (Central/Haiti time)
We don't want to call and bother Lori and Britt and Licia ... so we don't know how Love is doing. If they call us or email us we'll update the blog.

Also- The boy with the infected leg finally found help in Gonaives. Not sure yet what that help was or how he is doing.

Last Edit for tonight- 10:05pm
Britt called. She said Lovelika is stable and doing pretty well ... all things considered. She said Lori did a beautiful job stitching her up and the aunt did a good job of comforting her. Britt had the job of holding her down and then did stitch one small cut they found after they were done with the two huge ones. The other sad information, Lovelika's uncle was the driver of the truck that hit her. It is all very heavy. Please keep this family in your prayers, Lovelika's Grandmother and Aunt and another Uncle all work for Lifeline --- the before pictures we have are definitely too much to post here (Lori may post them eventually - but we know people don't come expecting to see such graphic photos here.) We will try to find her feeding program photo tomorrow to post.