Friday, May 11, 2007


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7 RANDOM things you did not know about me.

1.In 8th grade I shot the basketball into the opponents hoop right after the half time switch. I refused to get over my humiliation and quit basketball the next day.

2.The most intense conflict of my marriage occurred in the first year, and was over whether or not we would have children. I said no, Troy said yes. Who is laughing now? ;-) (I was concerned he would treat Britt and Paige differently -- boy was I wrong.)

3.Troy and I have TWO wedding anniversary dates. The one where we did the legal part and the senile judge kept calling Troy "Tracy LivERsay" and the one we count and celebrate where God, and our family and friends were present. (Weird, we know.)

4.My secret ambition is to someday go to graduate school (maybe when the baby is done with college? and I am 57) and become a Family/Marriage Counselor.

5.I am known to go in the ditch a few times each winter. (That's another good reason to leave MN.) Going in the ditch does not count as an accident if it does not damage the vehicle. I've been in five bad car accidents. The first was when I was 15 and only had a permit. The second third and fourth were all driving Ford vehicles, the fifth was shortly before we moved to Haiti in a Toyota we bought for $750 and named "the crapper." I have not had an accident in Haiti. Thank you very much.

6.One time in third grade I was trying to do a Penny-Drop, but I had never done one before. I landed on my nose. My dad took his shirt off to soak up the blood and took me home. I've not tried a Penny Drop again since then. The next time I did try something fancy was 6th grade. (I really like the things gymnasts can do - but most gymnasts are not clumsy and tall.) That time I got a concussion. I threw-up Spam due to the concussion and was never expected to eat it again. The concussion was worth it.

7. I am out of things. So, this is what I look like 17 weeks pregnant. (And what Phoebe looks like when her mouth hurts.)

Back in January we did five things. That made it a bit more challenging to come up with seven today. :) From January- Britt's 5 Paige's 5 Troy's 5 My 5

If I am understanding the rules correctly --- I tag 7 people. You do your list of 7 things on your blog (if you have the time/desire) and leave a comment here to tell us you've participated so we can go read your seven things.

Tagging 7 of you-

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