Thursday, May 17, 2007

Formula Program

By Paige:
I have been given a new responsibility. I am now running the formula program. There are 7 babies in the program right now. What I do is keep track of when the mother needs to come back for more milk and when she last got milk. Also I try to get as much info about the family, who is watching the baby, details like that. But sometimes that is hard because you don't always get the truth. I also try to find out when they were born, but the mother(or whoever is watching the child) is not always sure.

Each baby will be in the program for about one year. Depending on the needs of the family. My oldest baby in the program right now is Lovely, she will be finishing up at the end of May. She lives right next to the mission so we can watch her and make sure she is getting enough to eat.

I have 3 babies that are not in the care of their mother. Richena's mother died after child birth. She is now living with her sister and the sisters two kids. They are living with the uncle in his house. It is not that hard to understand why the mother died she was 40 yrs old and I sure the baby was just born in her house delivered by some member of the family. I am sure very few supplies, and the person that delivered it was not trained I am guessing. I also have the twins(Michaidine & Micacda) are still in the family's care because the mother is still not well. Please keep her in your prayers. On the bright side of things, the twins are gaining weight, and are getting better and better. They will come with the aunt to get the milk next time so we can see how they are doing and weigh them.
My Dad trained me in, and is helping me along the way. Thank you for helping us with the formula program, for your prayers and sponsorship.
Have a good day-
Paige =}