Monday, May 14, 2007

More Details

Lori posted photos at if you want to see little Lovelika's before and after photos. The driver (Love's uncle) was going around a truck that was backing down a hill. He was watching the front right side of his truck to get around the vehicle he was attempting to pass ... what he was not watching was his front left where his niece and some of her family sat against a wall of a home --- it really is a miracle - it looks like she will live and heal. (Please keep praying.)

I had just gotten off the treadmill and was sitting down to the computer when I heard beeping of back up lights (the truck that was backing up - the one the uncle tried to pass) and then I heard this terrible wailing. I thought Paige was in the family room and I turned and said "Did someone in the village die?" (Wailing happens any time someone dies.) Then about two minutes later Tipap (gateman) was at our door telling us a bad accident had happened. I cannot believe how tough this little girl is. It amazes me. Lori's work looks SO GOOD and I am thankful for her talent and skills and willingness to help. Thank you Lori.

While Britt spent the night in Cazale she got to visit some familiar faces. Seramise has been under Lori and Licia's care for four months now. Her original burn photos are here. Britt thought she was in good spirits. We again, are thankful for a ministry like Real Hope for Haiti where people can receive long term care if necessary. Another miracle story for sure.

Britt also got to see Islande and Sophia, we'll post a few photos of them tomorrow. They also look great and have put on weight.

Later Sunday afternoon we received this gift. (It has since be re-gifted.)

We have a team of eight coming in tomorrow (Tuesday) for the week. They will mainly be working on installing SOLAR PANELS ... a cool thing that will reduce the time we need to run the generator and therefore save the mission money on diesel. There is no shortage of sun here.