Monday, May 21, 2007

Other Updates

The twins came on Saturday. Paige took the photo below. They are steadily gaining. One of them gained 13 ounces in five days. :) Thanks for praying for them. Paige is working on a one page word document she will email to those who have asked, with specifics on donating to the program that supports these tiny little ones.

Love's sutures came out today. If you did not see the before photos, you have no idea how amazing this is. She is very stoic, a tough little girl for sure. Thanks for praying for her. :)

Sophia, a baby girl being raised by her granny is with Licia at the Cazale Rescue Center, she has been there since late last year. To see photos of her last year at this time, go to this old post. You can also hear one of our very favorite songs. Sophia looks so good! Thanks for praying for her. :)