Monday, August 20, 2007

Mixed - BY PAIGE

Not knowing what you feel can be hard.

Not knowing if you are excited or sad, it is confusing.

That’s how I feel about going to Minnesota in less than a week. I feel excited about it, but at the same time would like to melt-down and start crying.

I am excited to be able to go back to see family and friends. I am also very excited for some other odd reasons; like to be able to keep my hair down and not have to put it up because I am sweating so badly.

I also know that it is going to be extremely hard to have to leave what has now become my home. I will miss so much here. It does help to know that I will be coming back in 4 months! But at the same time that can feel like an eternity.

It is odd because being in Haiti the days and weeks go by extremely fast. You might think that being here they would go by very slow, since there is no Target store, or new movies to see. I think that because my family and I are happy here we really don’t need those things to entertain ourselves. The days fly by. Sometimes people in America are missing out because they have all that STUFF to entertain them. When, in my opinion there are way better ways to spend your time. I might not be one to talk because less than two years ago that was not what I thought. But still Haiti has changed me and my family. I think we might feel like outsiders when we are back.

I got to see Mr. Zachary about a week or so ago when the four of us (the original four) went on a date in PAP. He will be out of the country for a while too so we stopped to say good bye. We were talking about how hard it is going to leave Haiti, Mr. Zachary said,” Once you get Haiti in you just can’t get it out.” I completely agree that is why I feel so blessed to have spent the last 19 months here and to be able to come back again to have these awesome experiences. Honestly, I don’t think that Haiti will ever be out of my system.

As I said, I am mixed about having to go. This fall is going to be crazy busy. I will be able to help my Uncle Matt with his football games this fall; I am very excited to do that. I think I will take piano lessons again too. Also, just seeing my family and friends will be so much fun.

I am a little nervous what it will be like to come back to Haiti after those months, I think that we will be just be getting in the swings of crazy America and then we are coming back. But either way I will be counting down the days from the first day we get there for when I get to come back to Haiti!