Monday, August 27, 2007

The Stats

1,788 - Miles Covered

27 - Hours driving

47.5- Hours it took including sleep time and bathroom time to get from FLL airport to Tina & Matt's house

0- Number of times we were pulled over or arrested

32- Number of times Isaac said "It is BEAUTIFUL here."

78- Number of times someone said, "I cannot wait to get to MN."

Port St. Lucie, Florida - First fast food: Wendy's

Port St Lucie, Florida - First grocery store: Winn Dixie

Macon, Georgia - First WalMart

7 - The number of states traveled through (FL-GA-TN-KY-IL-WI-MN)

5- The number of states Tara cried in (Kentucky and Wisconsin were tear-free states)

3- The number of times Paige made us listen to Wyclef Jean's CD

1 - The number of times the Van pulled off the freeway for a spanking (incidently, this was in the last 90 minutes of the trip - so close yet so far)

1 - Criticism of the Dodge Caravan: NEEDS LUMBAR SUPPORT

4.5- Number of tanks of gas

7- Number of stops time did not allow for... Museum of Drag Racing, Florida Citrus Center, Rusty and Cheryl's house in FL, Road to Tara Gone with the Wind Museum, Amy's house in TN, National Quilt Museum, Kris's house in IL.

6- Number of times Troy called to check on us

0 - The likelihood that a roadtrip resembling this one will ever happen again

2- Number of strangers Isaac hugged or told they were beautiful (equaling one happy flight attendant and one surprised waitress)

0- Chances that AVIS will get business from the Livesay's ever again. They charge a full day at two hours. The van was returned at two days and 2 hours -- they charged three full days. The bawling pregnant customer made NO IMPACT on their decision to charge $140 for 2 hours. Down with Avis.

1- The number of times Noah got lost from us in Fort Lauderdale airport. He got on an escalator going down while we were still ten steps behind him with four 50 pound bags and no plan or need to go down the escalator ... it made for an interesting moment of decision ... Isaac and Hope were left with four bags and told to scream if anyone talked to them, while I got Noah and came back up another escalator to reunite the group - soaking in sweat at end of short panic attack.

4- Number of people who smiled pleasantly and said, "You sure have your hands full!"

10- The score Peanut gets out of 10 possible, she is THE ROAD TRIP DOG -- she earned her trip with perfect behavior

6- The number of hours Britt took over at the wheel.

18 - The hours I am now going to sleep.

ONE MILLION - Thanks to all of you who were praying for us. It went much better than expected!