Saturday, August 25, 2007

They're Stateside

Here Phoebe shows Noah the "leash" and threatens to use it on him.

I was allowed to help the crew through the airport, and all went smoothly - as smooth as the Port-Au-Prince airport can be, anyway. Notice that Noah is not tied up yet here.

The whole tribe, well, except Phoebe and I - have begun their cross-country adventure. I'm a bit jealous and miss them already. Tara has realized an important top-secret weapon in keeping Noah under control - tears. We should have tried that earlier. No matter how ornery he gets, seeing his mother reduced to tears will stop him in his tracks. They made it through both airports today with only a few incidents. Please pray for their safe travels and a fun time as they head to our other home.

Phoebers and I are a bit disturbed by the silence so far and just kind of stare at each other and then look around for everyone else.
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