Monday, August 27, 2007


At the last check-in, the rest of the tribe had made it to Rochelle, IL, and were considering calling it a day and finding a hotel for the traveling circus. It sounds like they're doing great and Tara is holding up well. She's driven 1,400 miles in a day and a half, with five kids and a dog, at EIGHT point five months pregnant. You don't want to mess with a woman like that. I wish I was there to help them, but it really doesn't sound like they need it.

They're hoping to make it back to MN in time for Britt's swim team practice by this afternoon...not wasting any time before jumping into the crazy fast-paced busy life in America.

Phoebe and I had a fun day going to church, taking a nap, and then trying spagetti for her first time. Yes, it was a mess. No, I didn't remember to take a picture.