Wednesday, August 08, 2007

VBS, Speedos, and other unrelated items

Good Morning. The days have been packed full of lots of activity. Yesterday I did not take any photos, sorry to disappoint the family members from Michigan. (I'll do better today.)

The second day of VBS was a huge success. It was wonderful to hear the kids laughing and having so much fun. (Except Melan, pictured here. She is very skeptical of me and all blans.) The games were fun to watch, Lance set it up boys against girls and right away the competition was fierce. Other than one big toe nail getting torn off (owie) during the racing back and forth, it was a complete success.

For whatever reason Noah gets 10 times needier when groups are here. He does wonderful things like dumping baby powder out all over the TV and DVD player and spraying shower cleaner in odd places ... whatever it takes to draw attention back to himself. Isaac thrives in the team environment and is telling each team member how much he loves them.

I wonder if Noah gets naughty in response to losing Isaac as a side-kick? Probably. At least the electronics in our house won't have diaper rash. Yesterday Noah woke up too early (again) and came to tap on me until I woke up. I said "What are you doing up? Please tell me you did not wake up Ike and Phoebe. I don't want you to wake anyone from the group up either." He said, "No Mom, I did not wake them up, there are already two teams awake in the kitchen, I chatted with them." So, while Isaac knows every ones name and face well, Noah just calls them all "teams" -- each person is a one man team.

Today is the one lighter work day. The "teams" will work on projects around the mission until 11am, have an early lunch and then we're taking them to the beach for the afternoon. Normally the beach is the last-day event, but because this team's last day is Saturday we decided to switch it to avoid the UN beach takeover that occurs on the weekends.
I looove tiny little Speedos and all ... but there is only so many a gal can take in one day.

With my luck, we'll get to the beach and the 3 men on this team will have Speedos on. (Brad G. - yes, yes ... I know you wear a Speedo - and for that we are all very sorry. You DON'T need to send the photo again. Ever. We beg of you.)

Last night we lost power at 3:20 am. It is hard to gauge how much to run the generator when the power use is up. We have it down to a science when it is the 8 of us, but we've never figured out a system when both houses are full.

I punched Troy (lovingly) and said "Hey, start the generator before the kids wake up." (When the fans go off everyone wakes up.) The next thing I heard was Troy saying, "Where are you?" Because I am so friendly and loving I said "In LaDigue, Haiti " Troy said, "No, I mean I need you to talk so I can figure out where I am in our room." Eventually he found his way out into the pitch black night and to the generator.

By the time he got back inside Noah was screaming "IT IS TOO DARK IN HERE -IN HEEEEEERRREEE - I CAN'T SEE!!" and Phoebe was bawling from Noah screaming and scaring her.

And that is why, city electric is a beautiful thing. :-) We will never take it for granted again.

Oh -- Lastly ---- HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our nephew.

Porter Troy is ONE today! :-) Porter, even though you don't have a clue who we are ... we love you and miss you and cannot wait to see you later this month!

XOXO & love- from your aunt, uncle and weird cousins