Friday, October 26, 2007

Party Planning 101

There was a time in my life where I planned huge parties for a living. I often worked with five or six brides at one time and also dealt with multiple corporate parties and events all at once. I managed to remember everything and even found it boring and simple at times.

Yesterday, I stood in Party City and could not pick out a paper plate. The choices were vast. 8" or 10" clear, white, green or yellow would all work. Paper or plastic? I managed to choose a lovely clear plastic fork and brought my selection to the counter. As I stood thinking how stupid it was not just to decide on a plate and buy them, I notice the cart in front of me. That lady was buying a bunch of plastic cups. I consulted my list. No cups on the list. I had walked past them in the store, I have beverages planned for the grad party ... yet, the cups never made the written or mental list. Are we not supposed to improve at things as we get older? How does a person lose a skill like organization and planning?
This is a symptom of some greater problem. I am currently incapable of thinking straight and/or planning ahead. For example, on October 12th Hope came home from school, tossed her backpack in her room and then did not have school at all last week. This Monday, it occurred to me that I should check her backpack for notes. Sure enough, there were notes AND homework (no time to do it between 8:45am when I found it and 9:00am when they had to be to school) AND an invitation to a birthday party. FUN! An invite. I was excited for her. My excitement was short lived, the party had taken place two days earlier.

This is our life right now. A day late and a dollar short. Or, in this case two days late... and many cups short.

If you are coming to Britt's party next weekend, please BYORFWTD. (bring your own receptacle from which to drink) And if you wish to invite Hope (or any other child) to your home, don't assume that the parents will ever see the invitation, give us a call instead.