Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day Phoebe!

One year ago today Troy went to Port au Prince in search of Phoebe Joy and found her! She was waiting for him at an orphanage. That same day he also needed to clarify things with Hope and Phoebe's birthmom and hoped to find her in a city of almost 3 million. Good luck with that.
He walked straight into her about two hours into the day.

I took the other kids to the beach to distract us from our nervousness. Troy called a few hours later to tell us that God had answered each prayer and that at the end of the day he would be coming home with a beautiful 10 week old baby girl.
Phoebe came home with him the afternoon of the 17th; a year flies by - that is for sure!

Above, on web-cam, Greg and Marcia E. at home in St. Paul -- they sang and entertained us for a few minutes last night. We don't even need TV, when we have them!

Isaac and Annie last night. They are full bio siblings, the similarities are many. They both have super long skinny limbs. We're calling Annie our cousin for now until the whole sister vs. cousin thing can be better understood. Isaac likes babies, he thinks she is "wonderful." :)
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