Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Home Again Home Again

Troy here - Phoebers and I are safe and sound in La Digue.
I figured it would be quicker to post here than email everyone the news.
Phoebe was a trooper for the extended travel, I think she held up better than I did.
She's happily running around rediscovering her Elmo phone and stuffed animals.
She senses that this is home, and so do I. Even after the travel nightmares today, I couldn't help but smile when I stepped off the airplane in Port au Prince and once again felt like I was home. I almost cried when I saw the guys at the airport waiting for me (Alexi, Peter, Robenson, Tipap, and Pastor Rony were all on hand). I held it back, just like this morning when I said goodbye to my Britty. I'm due for a total meltdown soon, right after I get all the sheets washed and unpack and scrape off three months of dust and grime in the house and get the one generator running that isn't working and clean out the refrigerator stench and fix the water filter and then get back to work. :)
The good news to focus on is as follows:
-The power had been out in most of the mission for about a month, but it was an easy fix and we're up and going.
-Even though the refrigerator has an unbelievable stench emanating from it, the bottle of Toro that was left in it doesn't taste funny. Well, no worse than usual I guess.
-So far, NO RATS. That's right folks. I've found evidence of attempted breaches of the perimeter, but no trace of an invasion as of yet.

Love and blessings to all and HAPPY NEW YEAR from Haiti-