Monday, January 07, 2008

Rally time

Noah is doing a lot better. He does not pull on or complain about his ear anymore, we'll keep him on medicine 8 more days to be safe. Wonderful news for a spazzy Mom. Thank you Lord!

We're packing, weighing, unpacking, packing, weighing, arguing about what "needs" to go to Haiti, packing and weighing. Lots of dinosaurs NEED to go to Haiti. Both of the boys are dying to see their daddy and their "Haiti home." Paige is ready to lead the charge with Tess and Jen at her side and is already laying the ground rules regarding her expectations for their in-flight behavior. Paige is a machine when it comes to travel, she does not like it - but boy can she take command, put on a game face, and go.

We're also getting ready to go to Texas. We've got a few more details to figure out in Texas, but heck -- we've got like 42 hours still ... it's early! I realize now that I am kind of excited for all the things Britt and I will get to do at orientation weekend and just generally anxious to get back to Haiti ... the only thing I dread is the flying, driving, figuring out how to get pets/bags/people to their destination. Traveling is so UN-fun.

The project for later today and tomorrow once the three have gone is to deep clean the entire house and leave it in BEA - UTIFUL condition for showing. Yesterday in a moment of brief insanity I considered tearing off the dated wallpaper in the bathroom and painting it, just to make it look more 2008 and less 1999. I slapped myself across the face immediately.