Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tired Troops

I apologize for the slow update today ... three reasons 1. Lydie wants to eat nonstop leaving me unable to type and 2. We're tired out. 3. There is not much new to say.

Troy ended up racing in to Port after I called him last night, so rather than just Jen and I- it was the three of us in our cozy hospital room. Troy got creative and used some padded rails they have here to make the bed into a crib --- he laid them on the floor and called it a bed. Tonight he'll be back home with the clan in LaDigue and just Jen and I will stay here.

I think we're emotionally drained and just sort of tired of this place. It is pretty unusual to have a seizure AFTER the fevers are down - Jen will post a medical persons smart post on that after she catches a nap. That post will give more of the way it all went down last night and the plan for the next few days. Jen deserves a three day nap after the way she took charge of this room last night ... again, no coincidence that after two nights NOT staying here with me --- the night that she WAS here was the night I needed her.

For those of you asking how Tess and Paige are doing ... thank you for thinking of them! I talked to Tess last night and we sobbed together on the phone for a minute but she is totally dealing with the home-front without complaint. I thank God for her. Paige is helping Tess and both of them are so capable and their attitudes are great.

Lydie is doing okay, she moves her head around a lot -- like she is trying to escape from her own head and get a break from it for awhile. Poor baby. She has her 5th IV in right now, I am trying so hard not to let it pull out ... easier said than done with a nursing baby.

I cannot thank any of you enough for all the kind words and prayers and passing along the requests to your own circles of friends ... wow, to think of the number of people caring for Lydie and lifting her before our Heavenly Father is just crazy good.

Below, a break from the all Lydie show ... a photo of Noah that makes me smile. He and Ike LOVE the chickens that the McHouls have. It shows. :) Boy do I miss those kids that are 35 miles to the North.