Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Traveling Jed Clampett Style

Since Monday at 8am we've slept a total of 8-9 hours each. That is about four hours two nights in a row. We're totally delirious.

Tomorrow Dad will help Britt move her stuff into her dorm room while I take care of Lyd and play spectator-cheerleader (spectaleader?) combined. Friday the orientation stuff starts.

Peanut arrived with all of Britt's things late this afternoon. She put in 7 plus hours on the road to get North to Waco ... locked in the cruise control at about 73 mph and made it without incident ...Dad just sleeps in the passenger seat ... now we get why he was willing to take her down to South Padre in the first place!

Our morning had a very hillbilly, I ain't never dun traveled before, feel to it ... not some of our prouder or most organized moments ...
  • 4:15 am - the time the alarm went off and we wanted to get up (also the time Britt turned it off)
  • 5:00 am - the time Lisa yelled at us and asked if we were up (no being the answer)
  • 5:15 am - the time we were supposed to leave
  • 5:24 am - the time we did leave
  • 5:25 am -the moment Declan asked what the deal was with not having gas in our truck (that truck that you want to buy)
  • 5:28 am - stop for a little gas to get us by
  • 6:00 am - arrive at airport - get in line - get stared at for looking so horrible and having so many HUGE bags and a baby and a guitar and bad hair
  • 6:55 am - arrive at departure gate -huffing, puffing, ugly and appearing generally haggard
  • 7:00 am - flight takes off
We almost blew it. Britt had clothes all ready, I did not. She took off her pajama shirt and I had no options ready - so with the time crunch I was forced into a tough decision ... to wear the damp shirt with puke marks on it or the one Britt had just taken off -- a 2003 "Fighting Tuna" swim meet t-shirt with orange and turquoise fish on it. I chose the dry shirt with the ugly fish. No make-up no hair-do. The shirt comes complete with stains from the previous five years of wearing too. We were a lovely pair. We finished packing and moving items around in the gas-station parking lot while Declan got the emergency gas. I wish the old organized and rested Tara would reappear soon. I really need her!

But - We made it. We're in Bear Country! We arrived here in Waco this afternoon. A shower and a 12 minute power nap and we're back in business. Britt even went over and met her roommate.

Below a few photos ...

Reunited .... and it feels so good (that song is terrible!)
Britt, Lydie B. and Dad at dinner tonight.
Yesterday after running around non-stop finishing everything I actually forgot I had Lydie with me and came into the house and collapsed on the floor ... as I laid there deciding what to do next, Brit said, "UH -- MOM? Excuse me? Where is Lyd?" Holy Hannah it is time to purge some of the stuff in my brain. ACK! It was only three minutes before Britt helped me out of my fuzzy place. Don't go calling Child Protection Services just yet. ;)

Reports from Haiti are mostly good. Noah gets nutty after a day of travel and not enough sleep so he was a little rough around the edges today ... or rougher I guess. Tess got the village tour. Paige sounded happy when I called. Troy sounded tired but was glad to have some of the tribe back --- slowly but surely it will all come together.

Must sleep now.