Friday, February 08, 2008

Day One

(pretty cute medical staff - wouldn't you say?)
the clinic officially had "hours" today. dr. jen and paige both seemed pumped to be down there and there was no shortage of kids to see on afternoon one.

the internet is still the internot much of the day. if there is internet over the weekend i will ask paige to share more about her role as an assistant and maybe jen will get time to give the medical perspective on her blog.

can you imagine where you live, if today for the first time in your life a clinic opened up that was less than a 30 to 60 minute walk for you ... this is big. thanks to God for His timing and provision. the people here experience challenge none of us can even come close to imagining.

(Britt- That is Teega on the table, needed stitches in his head.)

friday night in la digue is not too rowdy. tess is making tacos and we're hoping to figure out a way to convince the connection to allow a download of LOST. we all have absolute crazy-crazy schedules for the rest of the month of february, blogging will continue to be light at best.

thank you so much for your prayers!

(also troy-paige-tess-jen-isaac-hope-noah-phoebe-lydia-annie & peanut)