Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Linkage & Rental News

edited 3pm

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I don't have too much time, but wanted to say Hi and tell those of you who might have prayed that the house we own in MN would rent/sell --- THAT IT IS RENTED! The renter is a single guy, no kids no pets, no smoking. He is nothing like us -- the house will be fine! :) (We are heavy- heavy, 3 pack a day smokers.)

(That was sarcasm.)

Hurray for another answered prayer. The timings is interesting, we are 100% thankful for this answer. A huge financial burden has just been lifted. Thank you Lord for answering our prayer. (That was not sarcasm.)

God is moving and shaking things up in our lives right now, it is making for an interesting week. Interesting is good. Right?!?

I hope your week is interesting too, and is filled with His peace and His grace.

with love,