Friday, February 01, 2008


I am trying to get a team-photo to post ... Hoping it works.
Today SO much was accomplished. Jen led the charge to get the mess in the medical clinic sorted out, everyone was game and were all a big help in making sense of the stuff that was sitting and waiting to be sorted and organized. It was a totally overwhelming job but everyone stuck with it and made great headway. A small explosion in the fire pit caused a grass-fire but Lance (team member from MI) called out the LaDigue volunteer fire Dept, and within minutes things were back under control.

Saturday there is Pastor's training, some construction plans and more work in the medical clinic planned. We'll try to load photos during the day, for whatever reason uploading seems to work a little better during the day.

If you're a newer reader and need to figure out who all the people are (no Troy does not have three wives) that live/work here, there is a link on the left giving you the low-down.

Have a Great weekend!