Sunday, February 03, 2008

Plan your work, Work your plan - or Not

The team left at 6am to head north about two hours by donkey. Paige represented our family, as Troy needed to lead worship in Port au Prince today. I did not get a chance to see the team before they left but assume they were all bright eyed and ready to go. Troy and Isaac took off about the same time -- the rest of us are being lards and resting at home. (Resting = Cleaning, folding, taking care of babies, doing schoolwork, and getting on the dreadmill for the first time in weeks.)

Troy checked, checked, and re-checked (even sent someone to the business to ask them face-to-face) to be sure a business he needed to visit for team supplies was going to be open yesterday ... Only to get ALL THE WAY INTO PORT AND FIND IT CLOSED. He said he gave a fist pump to the sky in anger and quickly got over it ... Boy have we (and when I say we I mean HE) come a long way in two years.

If only this sort of thing were not the norm here. The lack of planning, follow-through, commitment to one's word, urgency, and customer service ---well, it can sometimes make you want to rage and beat something (or someone.) But, it is all for nothing because it won't change anything and Haiti is certainly not going to react and fall in line just because some high-strung white guy throws a tantrum when a business that said they would be open decides NOT to be open.

If only we could recapture the hours wasted driving to Port to do things that Port/Haiti would not allow. Karnaval (Mardi Gras) is upon us now; those businesses won't be open until at least Wednesday. (Insert heavy sigh of begrudging acceptance.)

The well thought out plan WILL NOT be executed in this land. No sir.

Speaking of well thought out plans, we're hoping that Jen might soon be able to use her wicked-smart "dokte" skills. There are a few things that she would really like to have on hand that we hope to figure out how to get ... Then we'll be ready for her to roll and see patients.

Right now she can do wound care and sutures but we have not let that word out onto the street quite yet. Once it is known that an able-bodied-doctor-person is here, the machete cuts will start showing up right and left.

Please pray that we find the items we need and that the looooong drawn out wait for the clinic to open will come to an end. Pray also for the right staff to be hired and for provision and leadership to arise quickly so that the clinic can keep running well for the long term.

This is one of those frustrating things for us. The need for a GOOD clinic is SO enormous, yet we have no clue how to turn a lovely building into a well-run clinic. God does not send the equipped ... We're proving that rule in regards to this clinic. Getting from point A to B has not been easy at all. BUT- God sent Jen for a reason and we're hopeful that she can get things with the clinic headed in the right direction in the coming months.

(Photo Credit on second photo, Marcia Erickson)