Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Above you will notice the green (for St. Patrick's Day) trash can on the right side of the photo where the stairs are. In both photos if you look closely you can see Isaac standing 2/3rd of the way down the porch kind of behind the branch. These photos were taken to share the story of the ridiculous ignorance of a particular four year old.

Yesterday Phoebe dropped one of Noah's 748 dinosaurs through the bars. It was sitting about where Isaac is standing. There is a ledge that runs all the way around the house. The dinosaur landed on the ledge. Noah asked me if I would climb out there and get it. I told him that I *would* but when I was ready, not right then. I reminded him he still had 747 dinosaurs to play with until I got out there. It is tricky going out there because you have to get around the Satellite dish. It is also no less than 30 feet off the ground, maybe more. He nagged me on and off for about two hours. Finally he stopped nagging. When he asked to go outside and look for the kittens I got him ready and sent him out.

About two minutes later I was in the office and I heard Hope say, "NOAH!!! WHAT are you DOING?!!!" Her tone of voice told me it was more than just torturing the cat. I came onto the porch just as Noah climbed back over the rail at the place where the garbage can sits. He had his Velociraptor dinosaur in hand. It was one of those moments where you are just too thankful to see your kid standing in front of you alive to be mad. The rest of the afternoon we walked around shaking our heads at what could have happened had he misjudged a step as he walked the ledge. Today Troy will be fashioning a barbed wire contraption that prevents such a stunt from ever happening again.

Troy made it back safely from his trip. He had a great time. He and Luke (the friend he went with) turn into 13 year olds when they are together. We had fun watching the goofy videos they made. The people at COTP were "awesome" and "totally normal" - which is high praise.

The photos from the Citadel sort of bored us. Q. How many photos of cannons and cannon balls will hold your interest? (Two is the answer for me.)

I will let Troy post his photos and maybe a story or two over the next few days. The key is to act indifferent about the desire to hear from him ... so join us in acting completely disinterested and you're bound to see a post from him.