Wednesday, April 02, 2008


The conditions were perfect! We made it home.

Hey there--- Paige here.

WE made it home safely and it was a great travel day. We got out of MN on time and to Miami a few minutes early and today the Haiti flight left ON TIME!!!!! This is probably a first, that plane is ALWAYS late.

I was very happy/giddy to be on my way back home. I was telling my mom how my favorite part is when you get off the plane (you go down the big airplane steps cause there are no ramps) but when you first step off it is an awesome feeing to have the wind hit your face and it makes me always know that this is home. I had a good visit to the States and got to see many people but I am very happy to be back.

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts… we made it!!!!

Paige =)

P.S. We missed ALL KINDS of excitement this morning when Jen delivered a baby!!!!