Saturday, July 05, 2008


In the next couple of weeks there is a ton going on here. On paper it looks a little bit impossible. It is summer and you're likely preparing for some exciting party or event anyway. We've got people coming in and out and we think it makes sense to take a summer break from this here blog. We'll be back around July 20th. Until then we encourage you take part in a contest. It will be described at the end of this post.

At this post we were talking about my illustrious career in the exciting and glamorous world of travel (read: hotel front desk clerk) -- let's take a look at other brilliant education choices I made along the way:

After a couple of years working front desk at the Radisson I became disenchanted with the high profile life of a front-desk agent. It was then that I determined I desired a more exciting career. The McConnell School of Travel had not given me everything I had dreamed it would. When one imagines a career in travel, I think they envision - you know -- TRAVELING. The front desk in Plymouth, MN lacked the thrill-seeking adventure I had imagined. Like I said- disenchanted.

Enter Brown Institute. Where you can earn an exciting career as a disc jockey. Or so they say. Because spending a lot of money to be trained to know hundreds of airport codes wasn't enough. I decided some money should be spent to learn to talk like Casey Kasem. I also know the hand signal for "wrap it up" - something you probably don't know very much about. Somewhere in a box in a dank storage locker in MN lives a video tape of my weather-girl debut, working the mid-west map with big hair and a gray and pink pinstriped suit, standing in front of the blue wall. Aaaah, the memories.

One semester into that adventure I put my dreams of having a radio show to bed, quit Brown Institute and re-focused on my travel career; climbing my way out of front desk duties and into the fast-paced, high pressure sales office.

There is more to my vast education story... best saved for another time. There were two more schools before a degree was actually earned and produced. Announcement - Let it be known: indecisiveness costs money.

This brings us to our contest. I have to believe that I am not alone in my random education choices. The things I went to school for (including the degree I eventually earned) have nothing to do with the gig I have now.

The contest:
What you went to school for - as compared to your current position. Example: you went to school to be a aerospace engineer, and now you are managing a Payless. The winner will be chosen randomly from a drawing, the only thing you need to do to be entered is share one way your education does not match your job/career. Winner will be drawn on July 16th and announced shortly there after. The prize: One signed, hardcover copy of Rocks in the Sun.

While we're away, go here to check out Rocks in the Sun. Thanks for shopping.

Have a great two weeks! We'll be back.