Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nonsense and some pictures

I could not bring myself to blog Wednesday. Literally. As it turns out, when the "Health" magazine suggests 20 reps of a certain lunge exercise, it is NOT reasonable to say to yourself, "Self, if this here magazine says 20, well then, 30 is probably even better!"

Walking to the computer on Wednesday, not an option. Thankfully, Britt led me in some sort of Yoga workout, resulting in limited use of my stems by late afternoon.

Also, Troy should be blogging. He is the one with eight million things going on at once and stories hitting him from all directions.

I figure it is best not to bore you with the run down of my days ... in short, it goes like this: wiped counters, wiped butts, wiped counters, wiped butts…. Repeat repeat. (Stand-up sit down fight fight fight.)

The Supreme commander of the left half of Hispaniola has been jetting here and jetting there, giving entire truck loads of intimidating police rides to Port au Prince with guns loaded and all, leading teams up mountains, almost losing his life (and the lives of multiple others) on certain mountain roads, wheeling and dealing on vehicles in the developing world, witnessing big God moments ... the man needs to sit down and get those stories to the people.

Outside of all of that, I was recovering from the horrendous sight below. And that is not something a person just gets over. These things take time. Before you view this photo of Nate and Troy, I beg of you ... Shield your eyes ... Maybe, as if you're watching a horror movie ... just put your hand over your eyes and peek between your fingers.

(The shirt story - here & here.) And now we know why these two hit it off from day one. The mutual admiration society for dorks wearing butt-ugly shirts. (TMASFDWBUS)

Smooshy, gooey, yummy Lydie. Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those peepers?
A very fun photo of Annie and her Daddy that I was *just* made aware of ... 20 days later ... communication is everything in a marriage folks. ;)

Caption: "Seriously? You want us to what? You white people are straight-up crazy."

Caption: "This lady might be a grandma ... but she is not *MY* grandma!!!!"

Lydie B. actually likes Marge, she just needed to let off some steam. Teething is not something to joke around about.

More soon!

With Love-