Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Garbage Truck

We were not sure what to expect when we moved into town. Some of what has changed has been easier, and some more difficult. In the past we burned all our own garbage (very green of us - I know) and we had a large pit to do the burning in. We learned that at our new house the Garbage man would come once a week and at the end of the month he would want $100 Haitian dollars (what amounts to about $12 or $13 U.S.) for the month. We were surprised when he showed up the first time. He comes on foot, with only a wheelbarrow and his work ethic. He walks the garbage about two miles away and returns to do the next house. Amazing, isn't it?
Troy and Paige doing Math homework.
It rains so hard Noah wears a life-jacket to play in the rain.
Lydie B, Annie G, and Phoebe Joy last night ...

Jeronne did well in her first class, Sheila snapped this photo of her when she stood to answer a question.

We lost power in the night. When that happens there are instantly two children awake (Noah and Lydie) and within a half hour the whole house wakes. Our sleep is very dependent upon the fans. The fans also help keep mosquitoes off of us (at least a little). It was 3:55 and we laid debating if we should tick off the neighbors and start the generator or deal with a house full of awake kids. Noah and Lydie woke up instantly as expected. We decided to tick off the neighbors and start the generator. We're hoping to find a way to get along with them on this issue but they think our generator is too loud and we should not run it after 7pm. We think we paid a lot for a generator and the point is to use it when you need it. We'll need to figure out a compromise if they stay annoyed with us.

Today Troy is off doing adoption paperwork for Heartline and we have womens program at noon. Tonight Lori and Charles (from Real Hope for Haiti) --- (as opposed to the FAKE Hope for Haiti option) ;) get in and we'll pick them up and try to get them to Cazale in the morning.

Tess (super nanny of yesterday) asked about our pool. It is a very TIH pool. You literally cannot sit poolside - they put a fence around it so close that a chair won't fit. It is in the front of the house and is covered by an awning. It is odd looking and incredibly deep ... but it holds water and cools off hot children.

Thanks to all the voters in the poll ... your voice has been heard. :)

Gotta go - no time for proof reading or spell check. Have a great Tuesday!