Friday, November 07, 2008

Caricatures in Haiti

~Hope spends many afternoons from noon to three pm with the Clay family. They are this uber-fun and cute family that moved here back in August. The dad of the family teaches art classes at the kids' school. He also draws super-cute and silly caricatures. Hope came home all excited about this one today.

~Our truck is feeling the pain of Haiti roads and is going in for some work tomorrow. The clunking noises could not be ignored another day.

~We're thinking it is pretty warm for November and anxious for the cooler temps to make their way south. Lydie has a soaked in sweat look going at all times ... it always appears that she has just exited the bathtub.

~Phoebe's birthday party has been postponed and postponed and we actually plan to celebrate her tomorrow night with cake and icecream (if the store has it) and a family movie night (Kung fu panda - thanks Lisa!)

~Women's program went well today. Beth is gone for a couple of weeks so it feels a little sad without her presence. At the end a beautiful lady came in who lost her five week old baby on Monday. She had been in the program and we had all seen her baby in recent weeks. The baby was stunningly beautiful and over 8lbs, a healthy weight by Haiti standards. It was very sad and you could see the pain in her eyes and on her face. We talked to her a little while and tried to get to the bottom of what had happened and then prayed for her and her son before they headed back home. It was very sad, her grief was palpable.