Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Even though Thanksgiving is an American Holiday, we celebrate it in Haiti with our friends and missionary community here. We duplicate as much of the traditional meal as possible, turkey and other important items included. Thankfully, most of our friends have come to accept the fact that we don't cook. At all. They assigned us corn. No problem there! There are at least seven families attending the celebration tomorrow afternoon.

We have much to be thankful for, and we're reflecting on those things ...
  • Our children are all healthy and thriving in Haiti - a huge thing to us as parents
  • Our kids are going to a school with great teachers and staff that love them
  • Britt and Chris are doing SO well and preparing for their life together
  • We get to live an amazingly exciting life and see God at work
  • The Lord has protected us, our needs have always been met
  • We have the love and support and prayers of many friends
  • Our families in the States are doing well
Since last Thanksgiving many prayers were answered ... We returned from furlough and transitioned back into life here easily, Lydia came out of Meningitis with zero long-term damage, our house in MN sold, Paige and Isaac and Hope made a beautiful transition from homeschooling to traditional schooling, we found a great house to live in just in time, we feel safe and settled in Port au Prince -- all things we prayed about, all things that God answered!

When Lydie was so sick, so many people interceded on her behalf; on our behalf ... it puts a lump in my throat even now. The internet is a funny thing. It can be used for bad things; but it also has the power to connect a community of people together. We've felt connected to you through this blog and we've felt the covering of your prayers and concern for our family. We're humbled. We cannot thank you enough ... we can simply say that this Thanksgiving we are giving thanks for YOU.

We wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday; filled with His provision, peace, and protection.

With grateful hearts and much love from Ayiti,
Troy and Tara and Family