Sunday, November 30, 2008

Video Silliness

This video is meant to be silly and over the top ... and it *is* both of those things. But it is also a little snap shot of pretty much all of us - at one time or another. I have my days of being "all about me" - selfish days, self-important days ... I like to think it is infrequent, but someday I'll find out what God thinks! For those familiar with popular worship songs, you'll get a chuckle out of this spoof ...

Randy M. just left today. He was here for the weekend. We have SO much fun with the Mortensens. There is such an ease to our relationship. Thank you Randy for everything! We're anxious for you to both come back in January. Randy just rolls with it. Urine, snot, messed up plans ... none of it phases him. That is why he can be effective in Haiti. The urine and the snot part was more about our sick kids -- but the messed up plans part is just a symptom of the TIH conundrum.

I liked these thoughts on thankfulness. I love the girl who wrote them too!

I don't have a ton to say tonight. We had a great weekend of finding ways to celebrate the birthday girl. Paige was disappointed with her first Kids Club meeting. We're encouraging her to be obedient and trust God to work it out. Only one kid showed up today, which was not what she had planned. She did get to talk a lot with that little boy and asked him to come back next week. She'll try again next Sunday.