Wednesday, January 14, 2009

not parents of the year ... only 14 days in, we're voted out

The last few days we're having trouble keeping all the balls in the air.

That is a nice way to say that we forgot Hope up at her friends house on both Friday and Monday. Two school days in a row this conversation took place:

(Scene: kids are being dropped off and entering the house)
Isaac- Hi Mom
Paige - (mumbles 14 year old variety of) Hi
Me- Hi guys, how was your day?
A few minutes of chit chat and small talk and unpacking backpacks
Me- Hey! Where is Hope?

I am especially proud that we did it two school days in a row. I think it showcases our stellar ability to learn quickly from our mistakes. :( The people who take care of her after the noon dismissal of Kindergarten are surely whispering about how bad we suck.

The kids' teachers might hate us because we've not gotten all their stuff back in their folders. I felt like I had conquered all last night when I got all six littler ones bathed, in their P.J's, and fed before Troy and I had to leave for dinner. (Jeronne had a headache.) But, as Troy pointed out, I forgot to help with homework for Isaac. So, in fact, I did not conquer all.

We feel like we are always three of four phone calls behind. Communication failures are abundant and troubling.

We stayed out too late with our group last night - went to bed after midnight - then of course we lost power at 2:45 a.m. - which means a lot of not sleeping, being snappy with each other and being angry at the world and the roosters -- then (of course) we overslept this morning and almost made our kids late for school.

I better go - I have a lot of stuff to screw up today.