Thursday, January 15, 2009

Papa Jeronne

Pictured above is Mr. Alexandre, the father of 8 children. (It is pronounced without the "r".)

Jeronne's Mom died many years ago after the birth of the youngest child in the family.
Jeronne is child number 7 of 8. She does not know exactly how old she was when her Mom died but she says that she has no memory of her mother.

Jeronne is 36 years old. Her oldest sister, the first born is approximately 65 years old. When I asked Jeronne how old her Dad is she said she is not sure but she thinks maybe early 80's - he has had a few health struggles lately and we have noticed Jeronne's great concern for him. She took a few extra days off to spend with him.
When we moved to Port au Prince and asked Jeronne to consider living and working with us full-time, we had no idea what that would be like or how it would work out. She has been SO fun to get to know and I think I can honestly say that she loves living here as much as we love having her here. We're so thankful for her and cannot wait to support her efforts to enter sewing school this fall.