Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today is Jen Halverson Day!!!!

I have no title ... no influence or ability to make it an official holiday ... but in the blog world I feel just a little bit empowered ... I therefore declare today, January 22, "Jen Halverson Day".

A year ago God used Jen to save the life of our baby Lydie B. and today is the day to thank her and Him.

Last years stories -

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Jennifer -
Troy and I don't go many weeks without revisiting the miracle that happened last January. Thank you for being there for us and allowing God to lead you to Haiti and then later to Lydie's side at the exact moment in time that she needed you. We love you so much. God is good. Happy Jen Halverson day to you my friend.
We miss you!

God provided in totally cool ways last year. Jen needed a ride on a day that Lydie needed to be admitted (but we did not necessarily realize it) - so we ended up bringing Lydie to Port because of Jen's advice - then admitting her --- and then Jen came to spend the night with me at the hospital on the exact night she needed to be there to take charge and stop the seizure. Lydie seized for a long time, but without Jen there wouldn't have been anyone in the hospital that knew how to stop it. There were tons of little amazing details that brought it all together ... 

We are also blown away at the number of people that prayed for us in the middle of this ... there were hundreds interceding on Lydia's behalf. Thank you all so much.

(Top photo, Marcia Erickson 2008 -middle photo taken the day Jen moved back to MN in May 2008 - last photo Dec 2008)