Friday, January 16, 2009

Washing off the Port au Prince

This is dry season. The dust/dirt and diesel seem doubly bad this time of year. This is the typical look of our legs after returning from a short run. Tasty, huh?!?

Beth and I are headed out for the weekend. We were blessed to be able to go run a race for free in Arizona. Thank you to the Hyatts, the Gayharts and PF Changs! Free trips are SO fun! We're meeting up with another friend who is running to celebrate her 50th birthday. We are sharing about Haiti one morning and hoping it will be a fun, fast, and productive weekend in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.

Paige is off to a youth retreat, leaving Troy to manage the tribe on his own. I am anxious to get back and see how much cake they ate for breakfast and when they last bathed. :)