Monday, April 06, 2009

The Week Ahead

Last night we colored Easter eggs with Isaac and Hope and Noah. It was the first time for all of them. (We've been busy for a few years.) They loved it and once we were finished wanted to carry their eggs with them everywhere. Jeronne thought it was a very odd thing to do but she did shrug with a general understanding because she knows that we do lots of odd things in our culture. Noah opens the refrigerator to "check on them" frequently. The diesel/generator costs could be high this week.

Paige kicked a soccer ball into the pipe that feeds the tank on the roof. Paige kicks hard. The pipe no longer feeds the tank on the roof. Showers and laundry are fairly important. We'll need Troy to figure that repair out on the double. When the city power comes on we run to throw the switch for the pump to get the water tank filled up first thing ...(you cannot pump water off of batteries) today throwing the switch turned the back yard into a giant wading pool. :(

Easter is coming soon and so is Jen Halverson. Our old roomie is coming for a couple days! We're pumped up. She cannot possibly meet the expectations we have for how great it is going to be to have her here. We've romanticized the reunion to death and now there is no winning for Jen. We have three days with her and one of them will be spent doing something fun.

We have a team visiting this week, staying with the McHouls. There are lots of things planned for the Easter week. I am begging Troy to let me record (youtube) a song I love that he sang at church yesterday ... I believe I can break him down given a few more days. The lyrics are perfect for Easter.

Britt posted some of her wedding pics on the giant cult FaceBook - these two are being re-posted here for relatives without FB. Don't cave in to FB. You're life will become less purposeful. I speak from experience. (See cartoon)I am often terribly unaware of world news and happenings. I am just reading of the NY shooting this morning. How profoundly sad. I need to go get a good run in now before I tackle the work of the day ahead.