Monday, April 27, 2009

The Weekend

Kids Club Sunday 4/26/09
Saturday Pics:

We had an unsually fun weekend here. Friday night we caught up on all of our downloaded LOST and Office episodes. For once I stayed awake and Paige was the one to bomb out mid-episode.

Saturday Paige went to watch her friend play soccer not too far from our house while Troy and I did something we almost never do. We voluntarily left the house with five kids. Annie stayed home with Jeronne. (Annie got to be the only one to leave with Troy and I the day before.) We took Hope, Phoebe, Noah and Lyd to watch Isaac play baseball at school. They sang Christmas carols for the entire ride- very odd!

We also grabbed groceries. The carts were filled with kids, drastically limiting the food we could buy - but everyone got out of the house and *that* is an accomplishment! Saturday evening we grilled steaks that came to Haiti all the way from Colorado USA ... they were amazing- thanks Lisa! :)

Sunday Troy went to church to sing, while the rest of us managed small children at home. In the afternoon Paige had a successful Kids Club. It has been frustrating for her because so often the kids will say they are coming and they will either show up two hours late or not show up at all. Other times Gorge will say they have to work and cannot come. She has had trouble getting any momentum going with those challenges but yesterday the kids were here for about three hours and had a great time. I sit in the house listening to Paige and giggling at the amazing way she can command the attention of that many kids (and TWO cultures/languages) - it is fun to see/hear her in action. She is done with school for the summer at the end of May and is thinking maybe then she can switch the day of her club.

We're anxious to check out a place where Paige can take riding lessons. I'm hoping to take her there Friday to scope out the joint. She has had an interest in horses for a long time. We just found out there are actually places to do riding lessons here. I don't spend a lot of time feeling guilty about it, but it does really stink how little we can offer our kids here for recreation and entertainment. There are not many clubs, teams, competitive sports, choirs, libraries, musems, bands, places to go, things to see, etc, etc. We make our own fun at home. For the most part that works out really well for all of us ... but there are times when we wish for a little variety - an outlet. Paige is pumped about this possibility - so are we.

Lately Noah has an extreme interest in helping with the little girls. He gets mad if I go in to get Lydie or Phoebe without him in the morning. After we got Lydie up and dressed today Noah was loving on her and kissing her and he kept saying, "You're such a little o-gurt Lyd - such a little o-gurt -- huh?! huh!? Lyd... aren't you?!? -- yes you are!" I finally asked him if he was calling her yogurt? He looked at me like I was very, very dim. He said, "NO Ma - O-GURT ... you know, like Shrek! Don't you see her hair?!" Oh. Okay. Ogre. Got it.

The week ahead is filling quickly. I never assume that a schedule means anything will actually take place - (TIH) but by glancing at the plan it could be an exciting and busy week. Friday night something exciting is happening for Phoebe and Hope - super exciting. But if I say it, I'll jinx it (TIH) so we'll wait until Saturday to fill in the details.

It's Monday. Bring it.