Sunday, May 10, 2009


We have been trying to plan a few nights away from our tribe to reconnect and regroup. I think we have called John Ackerman for advice thirty-four times. We have discussed it and looked at rates and attempted to *just make a decision already!* for a few weeks. We asked the boss-types at both ministries if we could go ... But we were not booking anything ... enough research time had been spent to ask each other "are we doing this or just talking about doing it?" We were feeling guilty and unsure about spending money on a hotel when it is not even really our money... And yada yada yada.

At the same time we really want - no NEED - to spend some time together SOON without. any. children. There are so many times that we start talking and never finish -- the most oft spoken words here are "What was I saying before ____ interupted?"

Large families are a gift - I know we are blessed - don't hear me misunderstanding my own blessings - but it SO tough to find any pockets of time to really connect with your spouse in the middle of the chaos of Haiti and so many little ones.

To the point ... we are going to the Dominican Republic ALONE to a gorgeous hotel for four nights in June!!!!!!

The Hyatts (adoptive family, friends, encouragement team) gave us their hotel points that cover the entire hotel stay. We are beyond giddy. Who even knows what we might say to each other over that stretch of no-children-everywhere-you-look time. I bet other things besides deep conversation could happen easily too. I hear they pretty regularly use this fancy gadget over there called "air conditioning".

CAN'T WAIT! (Anticipation is half the fun, agree?)

(Plus - between now and then Tess (Big Tuna) AND my parents are coming to see us.)