Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Marathoning for Haiti

The Shortest Possible Summary-
On October 4, 2009 I will be running the Twin Cities Marathon. I am looking for runners and non-runners alike to get involved and support me. Three amazingly generous matching donors have come forward. If I am able to raise $7,800 - they will each kick in $2,600, for an exact dollar for dollar match. Update: Match requirements were met on June 21, 2009. But we're still raising funds ... read on.

The Ask-
On the top left side of the blog is the best way to donate. Please use the "Chip In" button to donate. Will you please consider sponsoring me at $1, $2, $3, or more dollars per mile? I am asking for sponsors at these three levels: $26, $52, $78, or more. (For non-runners a marathon is 26.2 miles.) Will you please sponsor me? Any amount will help hurting kids recover.

The Benefit-
Every dime raised will go toward helping hungry kids in Haiti. You will be a part of something big and something that will help hungry kids. Go to this post to meet Renald and to see an example of a child in need of help and put a face and a name to what we're attempting to do here.

ALL FUNDS RAISED will be used to benefit malnourished children in Haiti.
As Troy shared in this previous post we have been very excited about Medika Mamba and the results we've seen in the lives of sick and malnourished children. This locally produced product has incredible things to offer children in need. We could potentially use the product to help more than 250 kids recover from severe forms of malnutrition if you'll help me reach this goal. I am excited and I hope you'll get excited too.

The Truth-
Running and Haiti are very intertwined for me. I started running shortly after Noah was born in mid-2004. In 2005 my little sister and I trained for and ran two marathons together. During that summer and fall the Lord was placing Haiti on our hearts and aligning our will with His in preparation for a move here. Haiti was the topic of conversation on many runs and accomplishing the marathon distance did much to build confidence, courage, discipline and determination in me. It prepared me for moving our family to Haiti. I learned about pressing on when it hurts, when you don't want to press on anymore, when you're very afraid and uncertain of yourself ... all things I needed to further develop in order to board the airplane with five kids and a handful of one-way tickets.

I am by no means a natural runner. I am slow and I struggle with injuries. It takes everything I have physically to do long training runs. The heat, humidity, crowds, bad roads, ministry, and larger family have made it difficult to be able to run, let alone WANT to train for a longer race.

After I moved to Haiti I cut back my distance running and have not run more than 13.1 miles since 2005. But this is different. I really want this. Not because I am such a stellar athlete (I'm not) ... But because it might matter to someone. For me this will be a major accomplishment. To train and complete the race during the hottest time of the year in Port au Prince won't be all rainbows and ponies and happy thoughts -- it is going to hurt.

Money for hungry kids motivates me.

Four years since I last ran the Twin Cities Marathon with my sister, I would like to do it again and tie my love of running and my love for Haiti together and have it make a difference to more than 250 little kids who can only dream of doing the things I have been blessed to do in my lifetime. My sister will be by my side race-day to help coax me to the finish, Beth and Troy will help me train in Port au Prince, Haiti conditions, and you will encourage me with your sponsorship, and it will matter.

  • To read a post I wrote about the sights and sounds on a Port au Prince training run go here.
  • Please consider spreading the word on your blogs and facebook.
  • Pray for strong legs combined with an extremely mild Haitian summer.