Wednesday, May 06, 2009

(Not) More Awesomer

Yesterday Noah told us that one of his super-hero moves is "more awesomer" - we like that adjective and we're going with a twist on that line of thinking.

Today we have only three TIH tidbits ... and some random photos.

1. In the USA the big chains come along and crush the little guy. We've all watched Home Depot come to town and put the little corner Ace Hardware under. Well, we were pleasantly surprised to be given an opportunity to help the little guy down here. A man came to the gate and told us that a garbage truck would begin offering weekly service in our neighborhood for the first time. He said they would come twice weekly and he quoted a fair price. We like our curent garbage service but nodded and said "Dako, Merci" (ok-thanks). We were skeptical of the new offer and figured it would not be more awesomer. Afterall, we have no beef with our current service. Our current trash-removal provider showed up about two days later asking to speak to the gwo chef (big boss). Troy came down and within a minute he realized that the wheel-barrow, one man garbage removal system was worrying about his livelihood. Troy stopped him early in the speech and told him that we will be sticking with him. The big truck is not putting the wheel barrow out of business in our neighborhood, not if we can help it. Our hard working and reliable provider was THRILLED to learn he could count on our business.

    2. Frustration with Kids Club hit a new high for Miss Paige on Sunday. It turns out that when she reached out to a new group of kids, it made the Mom/Caretaker/Restavek Owner of the other kids angry enough that she did not allow her kids to come on Sunday. There is some sort of dispute between the two adult women, so the ridiculously not more awesomer attitude of Mom #1 caused six kids to be kept home on Sunday. That left Paige with three kids which messed up her plans for games and activities. We're unsure what our next move is. Something tells us it won't really play out in a way that makes sense to us.

3. Troy refuses to remove my stitches for me and therefore will force an encore meeting with Dr. Cartoon Lady sometime soon. I am ticked off but he has already preemptively informed Paige that she cannot remove my stitches. I have not asked Beth yet, but I will. Dr. C.L. is not more awesomer than any other person with a scissors and two hands.

It is Wednesday already. Forcast is looking a lot like it looks every day in May.
12 pm - 93°F Feels Like102°F
So Stay cool and try to be more awesomer.